Service Specials

Service specials: To help your Alfa Romeo live a long and healthy life

It's no secret that Alfa Romeo owners are sophisticated about automotive maintenance. As an Alfa Romeo owner, you're well aware that regular, factory-recommended maintenance is the key to helping your Alfa perform better and last longer. That's exactly what we want for your ownership experience at Alfa Romeo of Marietta in Marietta, GA. That's why we offer service specials to help make maintenance easier.

Our service specials help you save on essential Alfa maintenance

Our service specials rotate often and can vary from one week to the next at Alfa Romeo of Marietta. That's why it's worth checking our specials when it's time for your next maintenance visit to our service center. These specials can help you save on vital services like factory-recommended oil changes, brake repair and multi-point inspections. Our specials might also help you get a deal on wear-and-tear items like tires or a new battery.

The importance of regular oil changes

Every Alfa Romeo model, whether you purchased it new or pre-owned, is a high-performance machine. The precision components in your engine can work wonders, but they face the same attack by airborne invaders like dirt and grime that any vehicle must endure. When we offer a special on an Alfa Romeo oil change, you save as our service center technicians flush out those tiny marauders and give your engine a clean, fresh new bill of health.

How often should I change the oil in my Alfa Romeo?

Whether you drive an Alfa Romeo Giulia or a Stelvio, a good rule of thumb is to change your engine oil and filter every 5,000 miles. While it's true that your engine might function well with longer intervals when you use more refined synthetic oils, that's a good point to discuss with one of our experienced service advisors. He can help you determine whether you need to stick with the 5,000-mile guideline or stretch things a little further.

Some examples of Alfa Romeo service at 15,000 miles

Our service specials help you save money and your Alfa Romeo will benefit from our expert maintenance when your odometer reaches 15,000 miles. That's when it's wise to have us examine all the key components under your hood. Here are some of the other services we recommend at the 15,000-mile mark:

  • Your engine oil: Drain and replace
  • Replace your engine's oil filter
  • Check all your fluid levels and top off
  • Rotate and balance your tires
  • Check your air filter and replace if needed

What we should do for you at 30,000 miles

This is another milestone when our service specials can help you trim the cost of Alfa Romeo maintenance. These are the services that can help your Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrfoglio keep performing brilliantly. Here are examples of the maintenance services we commonly do at 30,000 miles:

  • Flush and replace your power steering fluid
  • Change your engine oil and filter
  • Check your Alfa Romeo's coolant
  • Check your brake pads and replace as needed
  • Check your suspension and shocks
  • Replace the fuel filter to enhance fuel efficiency

Schedule a service appointment today

This is just a sample of how our service specials can help you save on the cost of Alfa Romeo maintenance. Talk to one of our service advisors to get a more complete maintenance schedule. Whether you live in Marietta, Smyrna or Dunwoody GA, we encourage you to contact us soon and schedule a service appointment at Alfa Romeo of Marietta in Marietta, GA.