Lamborghini Service

Alfa Romeo of Marietta is an Independent European and Exotic Vehicle Service Center specializing in Lamborghini located in Marietta GA. If you are like most Lamborghini & Exotic car owners, you don't enjoy going to the dealership for exotic car service and repair. That's why we've opened our doors to provide you with an unparalleled service value.

When you are repairing and servicing such high caliber vehicles, you must have the equipment and the know how to provide the best service. That's why we only hire European Certified Master Technicians to work on our vehicles. We want to ensure that you're getting a similar or better quality than the dealership every time you come in.

Quality Tools & Service

Quality of repair is only as good as the quality of parts and equipment you have at your shop. For Lamborghini's, we use only the highest quality materials and parts available in your service and repairs. As far as equipment goes, we have nothing but the best at our shop. Our alignment machine is the absolute best money can buy, providing alignments within 1mm of accuracy.

We have all of the scan tools necessary to accurately provide even the most complex of diagnostics. We also have all of the necessary tools to clear maintenance reminders and fault codes. In short, we have the capabilities and abilities to do even the most complex repairs that you normally spend a fortune on at the dealership.

Lamborghini Maintenance Schedule

Routine Maintenance for your Lamborghini is absolutely imperative to maintain its performance. We use factory schedules and also examine common wear components to determine what services we recommend at every service. Our service advisers prefer to give you all the information to put you in the drivers seat of your maintenance.

Below you can view a maintenance schedule for Lamborghini's within their first four years of life. If you would like to make an appointment or have a question, please contact us by calling or clicking below. We would love the chance to work on your vehicle and show off our state of the art facility!
First 4 Years Lamborghini Maintenance Intervals

 Year 1 or (7.5k/9k miles)
 Replace Engine Oil / Filter Inspect / Scan For Faults

 Year 2 or (15k/18k miles)
 Replace Air Filter Replace Spark Plugs Replace Engine Oil / Filter
 Replace Pollen Filters Replace Gear Box Oil Replace Front Differential Oil
 Replace Rear Differential Oil Replace Brake Fluid Inspect Vehicle / Scan For Faults

 Year 3 or (22.5k/27k miles)
 Replace Engine Oil / Filter Inspect / Scan for Faults

 Year 4 or (30k/36k miles)
Replace Air Filter Replace Spark Plugs Replace Engine Oil / Filter
Replace Pollen Filters Replace Gearbox Oil Replace Front Differential Oil
Replace Rear Differential Oil Replace Oil in Electronic Coupling Replace Brake Fluid Level

 *Vehicles 2012 and newer, every 1 year or 9k miles. 
**Vehicles 2011 and older, every 1 year or 7.5k miles.